Forestry Sector News

Forestry Funding Helps with Fiona Damage, Silviculture

More support is coming to help private woodlot owners recover from hurricane Fiona and grow healthy forests. The Department is investing an additional $5.7 million this fiscal year to help private woodlot owners with Fiona cleanup.

March 9, 2023|

High Production Forest Zone in Place

The Province has dedicated a high production forest zone, completing its triad model of ecological forestry. This will support the economy while ensuring that 90 per cent of Crown land is managed with biodiversity as the top priority.

January 17, 2023|

Help us, Help you

Our annual survey helps us keep vital labour market information current, which in turn informs our work in supporting employers.

January 6, 2023|

2022 Woodland Owner of the Year

James Leggate and Christina Millar are silviculture contractors and have a 243-hectare (600-acre) woodlot. They have done several silvicultural treatments on the property, including tree planting, appropriate selection-harvest methods, commercial thinning and pre-commercial thinning.

September 22, 2022|
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