Shaping the future of forestry

We’re dedicated to helping forestry businesses thrive. We help your business by collaborating to strengthen our workforce and approaching industry innovation strategically. Our collective input and voices help identify and address workforce development in Nova Scotia’s forestry sector.

Key Member Benefits

  • Exclusive access to templates, toolkits & resources.

  • Networking opportunities and discounts on conferences, workshops and events.

  • Assistance navigating training opportunities, funding programs and recruitment strategies.

  • Company profile in our member directory.

  • A welcome package with a 10% off card for Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

Due to existing contractor hardships, we are now offering FREE MEMBERSHIP to forestry contractors with less than 20 employees. Fees will be waived through the registration process. 

Regular Membership

Includes industry employers that are directly or indirectly conducting business in Nova Scotia’s forestry sector.

Organization Type
Annual Fee
Less than 5 employees


5-19 employees


20-49 employees


50+ employees


Associate Membership

Includes forestry-supporting organizations, suppliers and individuals* who work in the forestry sector.

Organization Type
Annual Fee
Industry Organizations






*Must be either self-employed with no employees, or not associated with a regular member employer. Examples include: private landowners, training providers, educational institutions, foresters, and forest technicians.