Forestry Careers

Grow your career in forestry

Forestry workers are an important part of an industry that produces things Nova Scotians need and use every, single day. Our local forests produce lumber, decking, pallets, paneling, mouldings, paper, cardboard, fuel products, wood pallets and more. None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our forestry workers!

Education & Training

Two men operate heavy equipment in the forest.

Courses & Workshops

Forestry-related trades courses and workshops to develop your skills and advance your career.

A man walks through the rows of a tree nursery greenhouse.

Skills Development

Online and in-person training to develop your business and workplace skills, and expand your forestry career opportunities.

A woman wears safety gear while planting trees in the forest.

Post-Secondary Programs

College and university diplomas, degrees and certificates in Atlantic Canada for careers in forestry.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You get to spend every day working outside and surrounded by nature learning to manage, conserve and enhance Nova Scotia’s forests. You can leave your job at the end of the day knowing that the work that you do will benefit future generations. The work is diverse, meaning there are a variety of jobs within the industry, from tree planting to harvesting to trucking there are options for everyone.

The level of education required depends on the specific position. There is a huge range of opportunities within the forestry sector, and we’re currently developing career pathways to help inform your education and training choices for different forestry careers.

Absolutely! Follow our Events Calendar to find out about upcoming opportunities to help advance your career in forestry or visit SkillsPass to take advantage of online and in-person training opportunities.

You can view the latest jobs currently in demand by visiting The Greenest Workforce.

Luckily, forestry has a supportive industry – a community always willing to help answer questions and provide input. Contact us and we will work to connect you with a mentor or industry leader.