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We don’t just see green, we live it

January 1, 2023 | Forestry Sector Council

We don’t just see green, we live it. This forest has roots that go deep, and a backbone strong and true. In it, we see a promise and responsibility. We see stewards and caretakers, and good work in the wild. Do you?

If you’re like us, you hear the call of the woods. It’s all about the scent of fresh woodchips in the morning, and a place to spend your strength that makes a difference. When you work here, you get to live and play here. Our mills, offices, labs and nurseries happen to be in our most beautiful and affordable rural communities.

From geomatics technicians and woodland managers to machine operators and supply chain supervisors, Nova Scotia’s proud forestry crew leads the world in sustainable harvesting and regeneration. We plant, cultivate and harvest our important and renewable resource into wood and paper products that are central in our lives every day.

We drive the log trucks, run the saw mills and keep industry machinery running smoothly. We’re silviculturists and millwrights, scientists and conservationists. We grow local to build local.

Answer the call. Join the passionate people who make the most of our forests and our green bio economy. Find out where you belong and plant the seed of your bright and growing future.

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Forestry Funding Helps with Fiona Damage, Silviculture

March 9, 2023|

More support is coming to help private woodlot owners recover from hurricane Fiona and grow healthy forests. The Department is investing an additional $5.7 million this fiscal year to help private woodlot owners with Fiona cleanup.

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